Boston beckons

We had a wonderful time on our trip up north, though I’m definitely sad that it’s over and we’re back to our regularly scheduled program (though at the same time, it’s always nice to get back to the comforts of home).

We left early on Thursday morning, and our flights from Cincinnati to Atlanta and Atlanta to Manchester, NH were uneventful. Finding lunch during our layover at the Atlanta airport was nearly impossible with Baby B’s picky tastes and a limited selection of restaurants on our concourse, but we managed to get a little food in her belly. Baby B slept on the second flight, which fell during her naptime; in fact, she was zonked out before we even took off.

We arrived on time in Manchester and were greeted by Serenity and Baby O, who is just so adorable! I’ve waited a while now to get to meet him, and he lived up to my expectations. We drove back to their house and got settled, then enjoyed pizza and a nice evening unwinding, catching up, and preparing for our weekend’s adventures.

On Friday, we went to the Boston Children’s Museum, arriving around late morning. At first I was a little unsure because the museum was filled with loud, energetic schoolchildren there on field trips, and I was a little worried about Baby B handling the environment with such big kids running all around. However, we made our way to PlaySpace, which is an exhibit designed specifically for children age 0-3, and that was more her speed. There she could play with puzzles, dolls, play food, wagons, and a wooden play kitchen (among many other things), but her favorite thing was a little slide that she loved to climb up (by herself) and slide back down. I lost count of how many times she did this, but she had a blast!

After a break for lunch at a nearby cafe, we went back to the museum, which was a little quieter since the field trip kids had to make their way back to school, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We went to the boat exhibit, which had several water stations (including one that was perfect for little tots like Baby B) with boats and various boat-related equipment. The kids put on a vinyl smock to keep from getting wet and were allowed to play in the water stations. This was another highlight for Baby B, and she loved romping around the room in her smock just as much as playing with the boats. We had to leave shortly after this exhibit because Baby B needed a nap and we were attempting to avoid the traffic leaving the city (though that didn’t quite work because we forgot people would be leaving work early for the holiday weekend), and I’d say we ended up seeing just a third of the museum. We obviously won’t be able to get back there anytime soon, but it was a good chance for Serenity to see what a great place it’ll be to bring Baby O in a year or so. Definitely worth the cost of admission.

On Saturday was a trip to nearby Plum Island to let Baby B walk along the beach for the first time. I was unsure how she’d react to it, but as you can tell from the pictures a couple days ago, she loved every bit of it. She liked walking in the loose sand, she liked finding rocks, she liked digging, she liked trying to exfoliate her face with sand, she liked walking on the packed wet sand, and she liked wading in the water despite its cold temperature. By the time we left, she was wet and sandy nearly from head to toe, but she was blissfully happy. Unfortunately, we didn’t bring a change of clothes for her, but we were just going back to the house after the beach, so she rode back in the car in just a diaper. That’s a fun afternoon at the beach — coming home in just a diaper! 🙂

On Sunday — our last full day in town — we went into Boston and headed toward the Boston Public Garden. Sunday was an absolutely perfect day weather-wise (the whole weekend was, really), and it was especially nice weather for being in such a wonderful garden setting. We took pictures at the “Make Way for Ducklings” bronze statues, then enjoyed a snack in the grass before getting in line to ride the Swan Boats on the recommendation of some friends. I’m so glad we did that because it was a lot of fun and something that you can’t do anywhere else. Before leaving, I stopped into a bookstore and picked up a copy of “Make Way for Ducklings” since we didn’t have it. I figured what better place to buy it than there.

Unfortunately we had to leave town on Monday morning, but we had a fantastic time while on our mini-vacation. I’m so glad we got a chance to visit with Baby O, and Baby B had the opportunity to do some new things herself. Baby O did great while we were out — which was quite a bit — and I can’t wait to see him next time (whenever that may be).


One Response to Boston beckons

  1. Melissa (Lawchick) says:

    Glad you had such a great trip to Boston! My husband and I met when we both lived in Boston — it always holds a romantic place in my heart because that is where we fell in love!

    We actually got engaged in the Boston Common – at the Frog Pond. Our third date was ice skating at the rink there, and so that is where he took me to propose!

    Love all the pictures!

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