You are an obsession. You’re my obsession

In addition to being obsessed with babies lately, Baby B has been obsessed with some of the following things:

*The scrunchie that I wear when I go running. She likes to pull it out of my hair and tries to put it in her own hair (unsuccessfully, of course). She then holds it up for me to put in her hair. I sit down, cross-legged, and ask her if she wants to sit down in my lap so I can put it in. She eagerly romps over and sits still so I can pull her hair back. Of course, she has very little hair on the sides and on top, so there’s not much to put up, but she likes it all the same. Sometimes she’ll take it out immediately and ask me to put it in again, while other times she’ll keep it in for 20 or 30 minutes, touching it periodically to make sure it’s still there.

*Shoes. She’s constantly wanting to put them on herself. And take them off herself. (Even if we just put them on her.) She wants to take our shoes off. She wants to put our shoes back on. She wants to walk around in our shoes. She wants to walk around with just one of her shoes on and the other foot shoeless. She wants to retrieve them from a storage drawer in her closet.

*Balls. She points and says “ball” about anything that even remotely looks round or ball-like. Light bulbs, for example.

*Ceiling fans. I remember she was mesmerized by ceiling fans when she was a newborn, and now that obsession has returned with her pointing out every single ceiling fan within a five-mile radius.

*The Dog. Some mornings, “dog-doh” is the FIRST word out of her mouth, even though he’s outside using the bathroom and she can’t see him. Nice to know who ranks first, huh? 🙂 They’re absolutely inseparable, obsessed with each other.


3 Responses to You are an obsession. You’re my obsession

  1. Carrie says:

    Good Lord, are you writing about my daughter? Literally? LOL
    fans go “round round”, scrunchies = headbands in this house, balls are “ballballball”s, Sage (doggie #2) is her fave thing to seek out and play with, and shoes are an obsession as well.

  2. Serenity says:

    So I’m singing that song right now… 🙂

    I love how much The Dog and Baby B love each other. It’s so awesome to hear!

  3. Alex says:

    LOL, MG’s first thing upon awakening is “DAW”! as she frantically searches for Duke. She also loves balls and shoes. She will find any shoe and bring it to you “Sh” “Sh” and show you it goes on her foot. I think we might end up with some girly girls! Yikes 🙂

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