Say ahhhh

Friday, December 17, 2010

I took Baby B for her second dental check-up on Wednesday, and it was a good news/not-as-good news/not-that-bad news thing.

The good news: She did GREAT! Last time she wasn’t what I would call scared, but unsure, so they weren’t able to clean her teeth well. This time, she was more than eager to lay back and open wide so they could check her teeth and get them clean. I was so so so proud of her for how well she did.

The not-as-good news: She does have two minor cavities that need attention. There is one in each top molar in the very back, and one of these isn’t a surprise since she has that defect where the enamel doesn’t wrap around to cover the biting surface.

The not-that-bad news: The cavities are so minor that he’d probably ignore them if they were in one of her front teeth, but since she’s going to have these molars until probably age 10 or 12, he doesn’t want to leave it alone and then have a problem fester. Also, he said they’re so small that he may not even need to numb her at all.

So we’re scheduled for January 7 to go ahead and get it taken care of. We’ll try to do it all at once, but we can split it into two visits if necessary. If it doesn’t go well, they can refer us to a pediatric dentist and we’ll talk about light sedation options, however The Dentist said most people are surprised by how well kids do with this stuff and he doesn’t anticipate any problems with it based on how she did for this check-up and cleaning.