Save the date

The Big Sis told me the other day that she’s going to marry a boy in her preschool class. We’ll call him Second Choice, as she told me she keeps asking First Choice if he’ll marry her, and he keeps saying no. (He also keeps saying he’s going to marry his stuffed dog. Boys.) So I said, “So you asked Second Choice and he said yes, so that’s why you’re marrying him?” She concurred.

So I probed a little further and found out more information.

I asked where they were going to get married. Answer: “At the new playground close to our house.” Sweet! We’ll just put some balloons on the monkey bars and streamers on the slide and we’re set — playground decor really should be kept simple and and the equipment should stand on its own merit, you know.

I inquired where they were going to go on their honeymoon (after explaining that a honeymoon is a special vacation you take after you get married). She thought for a moment and then said they’ll go to “that water park” — referring to The Beach water park north of Cincinnati, where we took her last summer during our last weekend trip as a family of three. I told her that a lot of people indeed choose to go to the beach for their honeymoon. 😉

Then I asked whether she wanted to have any kids. Her first answer was that she’ll first have two girls so they can be sisters, and then two boys so they can be brothers. Her second answer was even more amusing — that she was going to have 20 kids, including four at a time first and then again right after that. Curious how she was going to support all of these children, I asked what she was going to do for a job when she grows up. After thinking for a minute, she said she was going to be a teacher, which of course I praised as a good job — but on the inside was wondering exactly how she was going to support 20 children on a teacher’s salary. So I asked what her future husband wants to be when he grows up, and she replied that she didn’t know. I made a suggestion, “How about a doctor? Maybe even a surgeon. I think that might be a good direction for him to go with all those kids.”

Twenty grandchildren just from her — oh MY! I hope I have enough gum in my purse to go around!


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