Time keeps on ticking

So many changes to note!

*I hit the 2,000-ounce mark of frozen milk, and I’m still freezing more than I’m using, so I think I’ll be pretty set to make it to one year. As such, I’ve decided to cut out another pumping session at work, meaning I won’t have to pump at work except on days I can’t go feed The Little Sis (which is usually just Mondays, our press days that are too busy for me to escape for lunch). On those days I’ll still pump around lunchtime, but I’m so excited to NOT have to take my pump to work tomorrow. Also, during my pumping sessions, I am changing my motto from “get as much as you can so you don’t regret putting in a subpar effort later” to “good enough is good enough!” I will be pumping enough to keep up my supply and to make it so I’m not too full in the mornings and before bed, but there’s no longer the push to get as much as I can to freeze. It might go without saying, but I will continue to nurse The Little Sis when possible, which is usually three times a day on weekdays and five times a day on weekends.

The stash of frozen milk (each gallon bag contains 64 ounces of milk, and there are 30 gallon bags visible here, plus one more in the door that you can’t see. In addition, I have probably another 40 ounces in the freezer in the house):

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*The Little Sis has been practicing holding onto objects and standing by herself. We still have to put her into position, and we still have to be there to catch her when she inevitably topples, but I can tell she’s getting stronger each day!

Standing up with support:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*The Little Sis took a bath in the big bathtub — not just in the baby bathtub placed in the big bathtub — for the first time over the weekend. She had fun splashing around and trying to reach her toys that always seemed just out of grasp.

(Sorry, no pics of this. Too many weirdos out there.)

*The Little Sis had been making plenty of random sounds, but she’s now added a very deliberate “ba ba ba!” to her vocabulary.

*The Little Sis got to take her first turn in a swing at the park over the weekend. As you can tell here, she loved it!

Swing into spring:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


One Response to Time keeps on ticking

  1. kdulong says:

    Wow – impressive milk bank! Great job.

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