Looking up?

It’s been a full weekend and I don’t have the stamina to stay up and write a full post, but I did want to get on to note that we’ve implemented a few changes in our parts, and so far so good. I fully realize this could fall apart at any given minute (and the true test will be the return to school tomorrow), but it is noteworthy that we didn’t have ANY incidents on Friday evening or all day Saturday or Sunday.

Not a single one. All weekend long. Seriously. I’m pretty sure that’s a new record of some kind.

Not only that, but there were scenarios that came up that before would have been an instant, automatic incident/tantrum/whatever, but she powered through it and we all came out on the other side with smiles.

I’ll update at another time explaining how we’re tackling things at the moment (and bear with me, as it’s ever-changing as we learn more), but to say I’m feeling better than I was last week doesn’t quite cover it.

Now, keep your fingers crossed that our work at home bleeds into school time and we can have peace and harmony on both fronts. That’s not too much to ask, is it?


One Response to Looking up?

  1. Kelly says:

    Oh this makes me so happy!! Can’t wait to hear more!!

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