Mommy instinct for the WIN!

On Sunday night, it seemed like The Little Sis might be on the verge of a cold, but she seemed perfectly fine on Monday. However, during bedtime on Monday night, she started getting a little sniffly, and sure enough she woke up about every hour or two overnight and woke up with a cold on Tuesday. Her symptoms weren’t that bad — nasal congestion and a weepy eye — but she was pretty fussy, which just isn’t her, so I stayed home with her on Tuesday since I knew I didn’t have much going on at work anyway. On Tuesday night, she again slept poorly, waking up every 15 minutes to an hour (god bless The Husband for taking overnight duty 99% of the time), and her cries sounded like she was in pain.

At about 4 o’clock in the morning, I put it all together: pained cry when lying down + weepy eye = ear infection. There weren’t any other typical ear infection symptoms like a fever, but when she’d had the weepy eye before, she’d had an infection (twice, I think). So I called the doctor in the morning and took her in. I’m pretty sure it was the fastest pediatrician visit ever in the history of the world. She came in, asked what was up, and did a brief examination. She looked first in the right ear and said that looked fine, then she looked into the left ear and said, “And there we go. That one is infected.” The one with the weepy eye.

The Pediatrician said that if The Little Sis were two or older, we’d just take a “wait it out” approach, but we can’t really do that at her current age. She prescribed augmentin this time because she said there’s one particular bacteria that is most likely causing the ear infection/weepy eye combination, and about 60% of the time that’s resistant to amoxicillin, so we’ll take a different approach this time.

I wouldn’t have considered it a wasted visit if she’d not had an ear infection since I felt like we needed to check it just in case, but I felt validated that my instinct about it was right, especially in the absence of super-clear symptoms. She had another restless night last night, but (knock on wood) so far her sleeping tonight is much better. Here’s hoping that continues.


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