Disney recap, part 2

On Monday, April 23, we awoke to fantastic weather (clear and 70s) and made our way to Hollywood Studios first. When we arrived, we stopped at guest relations and picked up our first-time visitor badges (though SHHH! The Husband had been there when he was 10!), then headed inside the park. We walked around a bit, then decided to do one of the stunt shows first, but The Big Sis wasn’t overly impressed with that one (too many loud, startling noises, I think), so we continued on.

Thankfully the Beauty and the Beast show (3rd row!) and the Little Mermaid show were much bigger hits for her (which is good since those were the main reasons we went there). We were able to meet Sorcerer Mickey and Winnie the Pooh and get autographs from them. The Little Sis also decided to eat Mickey’s and Pooh’s noses; I’m sure they must be magical and tasty!

Unfortunately, I convinced The Big Sis to ride Tower of Terror with me, which in hindsight was a huge mistake, but she’s always been a big thrill-seeker, so I thought she’d be fine for it. Next time I’m not sure, I’ll ride it myself first BEFORE taking her on it. I think if it’d just been the free-fall part, she would’ve loved it, but the fact that it was in the dark (and had a spooky story line) put it over the top for her and not in a good way. She survived, but she felt pretty off for the rest of the night, so we just did a few more things (like The Husband and I taking turns doing the Star Wars ride alone, and we all did the Muppets 3D show) and then headed out by 7 or 8 p.m. and got The Big Sis to bed as soon as we got back. I was afraid that the sickness was more than just the ride and feared that she’d be sick all week, but she woke up fine the next morning, thank goodness!

I would say overall I’ve glad we did Hollywood Studios because of the Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid shows that The Big Sis liked, plus we could visit Mickey without too much of a line, but I can’t say it’d necessarily be the first place I’d return next time. Perhaps just a half-day next time.


One Response to Disney recap, part 2

  1. Serenity says:

    The Tower of Terror, hands down, was THE most terrifying ride I’ve been on. Go Big Sis for riding it! (And you, too!)

    And I love the picture with Little Sis reaching for Pooh.

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