Disney recap, part 4

On Wednesday was our first visit to Magic Kingdom and yet another nice day out — it was warmer than earlier in the week, yes, but still quite pleasant. One of the best moments was seeing The Big Sis’ face when she spotted Cinderella’s castle from the monorail. She was geared up for some good-old Disney fun! 🙂

We spent most of that day either in line to get character autographs or in Fantasyland, and we also watched the afternoon parade. We hit up a bunch of rides — the carousel, Pooh ride, Mickey’s Philharmagic, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, the Dumbo ride, and more.

Overall lines weren’t too bad — we took advantage of the FastPass where possible (thank you, FastPass!), and really, the longest lines we had to deal with were for the characters. The Little Sis was able to join us for most rides, but there were a couple times she was asleep in the stroller so The Husband and I just took turns riding stuff with The Big Sis while the other person had a little chance to rest.

Characters that day included Ariel and Prince Eric, the Fairy Godmother, and Tinkerbell and Terence. We caught the afternoon parade and also rode It’s a Small World for the first of four times among our two days there (it was The Little Sis’ favorite ride too, though she slept through one ride of it!), and also rode Peter Pan’s Flight for the first of two times. Another favorite of The Big Sis’ was the tea cups, which she loved spinning FAST. I love spinning fast too, but boy did I stumble around when I came off the ride!

We watched the Main Street Electrical Parade at night and stayed for the fireworks, loved by all. Dinner that night? Ice cream and funnel cakes! Oh yeah! I love you, vacation food! We went back to the hotel tired but content that we’d had a full, fun day.


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