Disney recap, part 5

After such a full day, we decided to have another “rest day” on Thursday. In the morning, we let The Little Sis have another good morning nap in the hotel, then around lunchtime we headed to the Grand Floridian hotel so The Big Sis and I could have afternoon tea.

This was planned because we couldn’t get a table for four at Cinderella’s castle for any of the meals the week we were there (in Disney terms, we were planning the trip sorta last minute at only a couple months out), so she and I did tea together and The Husband took her to the castle the next day for lunch. I am SO glad we did it this way — we each got some special one-on-one time with her.


Our afternoon tea was wonderful — we dressed up for the occasion and she had a decaf strawberry vanilla tea, and I believe mine was mango. We had little sandwiches and little pastries and fun conversation. After tea, we met up with The Husband and The Little Sis and walked around the Grand Floridian property, which was just gorgeous! I’m glad we had a chance to walk around and look at things because something tells me we’re not going to be able to afford to stay there, oh, EVER. But, hey, looking around sure was free!

We then made our way to Epcot, where we arrived late afternoon. A bit warmer this day (mid-80s), I’m glad we got there when there weren’t as many people, because we were able to get a ton of autographs in a relatively short amount of time, including Aurora, Belle and Beast, Aladdin, Snow White, and Mulan.

We walked through all the countries, had dinner, then I went to ride Soarin’ by myself while The Husband took The Girls to ride Spaceship Earth, then we met up for fireworks after. (Actually, we couldn’t find each other until after the fireworks ended, but that’s okay.) We returned to the hotel and headed to bed soon after because we had to rest up for our finale: another full day at Magic Kingdom.


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