This ‘n that

The Little Sis is walking probably 98% of the time, so I guess we need to call her a walker now. Less than two weeks until she turns a year old, and there are a few fun little things that I want to remember to capture here while they’re still fresh in my head. These are things that I’m sure most/all other babies do at some point, but I just want to remember it later.

*She LOVES the door game. This consists of: standing inside our bedroom and peeking out at us intermittently as she slowly shuts the door, cracking up when she sees herself in the mirror on the back of our door, then crying out when she realizes she can’t open the door by herself. We come to her rescue, and we do it all over again.

*I call her Bat Girl, because this baby LOVES to be upside down. Her smile is insanely huge when we do this, and it’s one of our current tricks to distract her when she gets upset about something. Flip her upside down and she’s all better. It’s just like rebooting the baby. Another great trick? Letting her sit on your shoulders. She is all smiles and giggles there.

*She has been even more vocal within the past couple of weeks, desperately trying to make known her various demands. One of my favorites is that she leans to the side, raises one arm high, and squawks, “Mo'” (more) like she’s trying to draw as much attention to herself as possible.

*One of her favorite games with The Big Sis is “Stroller.” In this game, we put The Little Sis into this small, cheap (freebie) umbrella stroller (that I’m not sure if we’ve ever really used), and The Big Sis pushes her around the house, back and forth, from one end to the other. The Little Sis loves the ride, it keeps The Big Sis focused on one activity, and it gives me a chance to unpack our stuff and get dinner started when we get home while pseudo-supervising the baby (and I can be reasonably sure that she’s at least not getting into stuff she’s not supposed to have).

*She is mesmerized by the play kitchen we have in our living room. Most of the time I can put her there and she’ll happily play (either by herself or with The Big Sis) for quite a bit of time.

*Tooth #4 just popped through last week, and she’s working on at least two more that I can see.

*She has started retrieving my shoes if they’re nearby and purposely walking them over to me and offering them to me with a “Da?’ as if to say, “Here, is this yours? I brought it for you.”


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