Flying solo

I did it! I survived!! Well, I figured I would, but now it’s confirmed!

The Husband went out of town this weekend, and by “weekend” I actually mean 6 nights. For Father’s Day, the girls and I had gotten him a ticket to his beloved geekfest over Labor Day weekend and he went down to enjoy the convention with his friends. Great for him, of course, but that left me behind to take care of everything. Now, I know that’s not a big deal to a lot of people — and single moms do it all the time (god bless them) — but I get a LOT of help from The Husband on an everyday basis, so I knew things were going to be more of a challenge than usual.

We had a couple rough spots yesterday evening (which I think was mostly the extended weekend getting to everyone at the same time), but setting that aside, I would say it was a rousing success. I made sure we stayed busy, but not TOO busy, and I confirmed that the key to dealing with both kids (especially on school nights/mornings and especially when one generally walks around the house as though she’s a mini hurricane) was to PLAN AHEAD. Each night I pre-made as much of the next day’s dinner as I could, set out everyone’s clothes (mine included), set out all the stuff to make breakfast, made lunches for everyone, made sure all the dishes were washed, etc. I try to do a lot of that kind of stuff anyway, but it was even more crucial this time around.

I had three school mornings to deal with on my own. When The Husband is here, basically he’s in charge of The Big Sis (including driving her to school) and I’m in charge of The Little Sis. So it took careful coordination to make sure everything got done each morning and I got everyone to the right place at the right time. Beforehand, I had resigned myself to just being late to work, but each day I somehow arrived at my usual time (or earlier!). Each day I got my shower, dried my hair and put on makeup, made The Big Sis’ breakfast, got up The Big Sis, got up The Little Sis, nursed The Little Sis, got The Big Sis dressed and ready to go, drove The Big Sis to school, came home, got breakfast for me and The Little Sis, got dressed, got The Little Sis dressed, dropped off The Little Sis at daycare, and got myself to work. Oh, and did I mention that I also had time to work out each of those mornings as well?? I am supermom, hear me roar!

Thankfully bedtimes went very well. Sometimes The Little Sis can take a while to get to sleep, but each night she did great, and The Big Sis read her library books while patiently waited for me to come out. I was afraid I’d spend so much time getting The Little Sis to sleep that I’d miss out on story time with The Big Sis, but that was not the case. Naps went perfectly each day with the exception of when we went to my parents’ house and she wouldn’t take her afternoon nap. Combine that with having to remove her from their stairs probably 100 times (they don’t have a baby gate; in fact, their house is so baby un-friendly it’s unreal) and she wasn’t a happy camper for much of our visit, but she did go to sleep well that night, so that’s something.

All that being said, I’m ready for The Husband to come home. (This afternoon! Woo hoo!) He is an integral part of our household and things run much better with his set of hands pitching in. He does so much for our family, and while I knew that and always appreciate that, I’m sure it was nice for him to get away for a bit, as he’s much less likely to take weekends away than I am. Hopefully he returns freshened and ready to tackle real life once again.


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