The F word

What IS it about potty words that send kindergarteners into fits of giggles? Now, it is true that we saw something similar in preschool, where these words were much desired, probably because they were considered taboo to them. But I swear, the appeal of these words has increased exponentially in kindergarten, particularly with the word “fart.” The Big Sis has taken this to a new level that I’d almost be impressed with, if it weren’t so annoying.

Sometimes it’s used in name-calling. You’re such a fart.

Sometimes it’s used in a more straightforward manner. If you don’t do that for me, I’m going to fart.

But most often right now it’s used as a word substitute, ala the Smurfs’ “smurfy.” I went to fart class today. I was talking to my fart in the cafeteria. I took my fart on the bus.

Believe me, there is no end to the creative uses of the word.


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