The ears have it

After having a random ear infection in her right ear a few weeks ago, The Big Sis woke up overnight last night crying with ear pain in her left ear this time. Sure enough, I took her to the doctor this morning and found out there’s a nasty-looking infection raging in there. The first one came without any other symptoms and was completely out of the blue. This time, The Big Sis has had some minor congestion for a few days (I currently have a cold as well), but nothing that’s presented as a typical cold for her, so it was still a bit of a surprise.

I felt so bad for her last night — every time she’d try to lie down and get back to sleep, she’d cry out in pain and writhe to find a comfortable position. I immediately canceled my early-morning workout alarm and grabbed my pillows and stayed the rest of the night in her room in case she had trouble sleeping. Thankfully she stayed asleep once she finally got back to sleep, and the even better news is that she’s feeling much better this evening — some pain, but not nearly as bad as before.

I learned from the ear infection from a few weeks ago that keeping her home all day from school was not necessary since she felt fine otherwise (and was acting completely normal…and ear infections aren’t contagious), so I was able to take her in to school around 9:45 this morning and she didn’t have to miss  the entire school day this time. I guess it was a tiny risk (if her pain did become more pronounced and she was unable to focus), but it ended up working out just fine.

Now here’s hoping the ear infections stay away!! I’m glad that’s all she’s had of late, but I’d rather not deal with them at all.


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