Still here!

Despite the enormous lack of posts, I’m still here, I promise! I would’ve thought that unemployment would have given me more time to write blog posts, but it turns out I was wrong in that regard. I did, however, get to enjoy three days a week of extra baby time, as well as a chance to get some other things done on her days at daycare. I’ve also gotten a chance to gain some extra time with The Big Sis after school, picking her up from the bus stop and helping her with her homework each afternoon and freeing up gobs of time in the evenings.

However, my stint as a pseudo stay-at-home mom will come to an end on Monday, as I’ve accepted a position working on a new venture with an established publication with several former co-workers. I’m looking forward to it, but secretly a little sad that I won’t have as much time with the girls anymore. However, mostly I’m thankful that unemployment was just six weeks long for me, and it’ll be nice to get back to regular paychecks.

I’ll probably continue to slack on posts throughout the rest of October (and during my final week off, though I do have several meetings related to work and unemployment that I have to attend, so it’s not like I’ll be twiddling thumbs), then I’ll attempt NoBloPoMo next month and hopefully get back on track. 🙂


One Response to Still here!

  1. Alex says:

    Congrats on the new job!!!

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