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Today marks the halfway point of NaBloPoMo. Woo hoo, we’re chugging right along!

Within the past few weeks, but mostly within just the last few days really, The Little Sis has had an incredible word explosion. I know I’m going to miss something, but here are some of her highlights:

*her word for The Big Sis’ name
*dog (usually “dah-dah”)
*belly button (“beh-beh”)
*baby (close to “beh-beh” but slightly different)
*thank you (this one is still morphing, but it most often comes out “tay-tyoo” at the moment)
*yeah (“yah”)

The one that jumped into her vocabulary yesterday, though, was “no.” Now, right now we’re still in the stage where it’s cute and not annoying. I know this won’t always be the case, but it’s so stinking adorable right now. We’ll ask her a question, and she’ll declare, “No. Nonono,” accompanied by an eager shaking of her head. “Are you ready to put your coat on?” “No. Nonono.” “Do you want to put on your pajamas?” “No. Nonono.” Looks like it’s time to stop phrasing non-negotiable tasks in the form of a question!

With The Big Sis enjoying her new reading skills (I promise — more on that soon), it’s interesting to reflect back on all of the steps along the way that got her to that point. It wasn’t one thing that happened that taught her to read — it was a series of skills she gained over the years that brought her to life as a reader. For The Little Sis, those skills really start to take shape NOW, with learning words, learning context, and learning the flow of conversation. These beginning steps will yield a fantastic end result in a few years when she too learns to read.


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