Nodding off

The Big Sis has only fallen asleep in a weird place twice: in the highchair and once on the floor holding her snack cup when she was sick, both times when she was pretty little. (Weird place = not in our arms, her crib, or the car.) Fifteen months in and The Little Sis still hadn’t fallen asleep in an inappropriate place — until today, when she started dozing off at lunch, quite ready for her nap. She never actually fell all the way asleep, mostly because we all kept erupting into giggles every time she’d do it. We’d laugh at her, she’d open her eyes looking serious, then we bust out into an “okay, okay, you caught me” grin.

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Today was a pajamas day for all of us, all day long. I woke up thinking, “Oof, I feel like I could throw up,” but I figured it was just me being hungry or my antibiotic for my sinus infection. But then suddenly, around 9 a.m., The Big Sis laid on the floor and said her belly hurt, then ran to the bathroom, not quite making it all the way there before she threw up — the kind where it just comes out against her control. Poor girl. We were expecting some visitors a couple hours later for lunch, so we canceled with them, then canceled our trip to Cincinnati tonight for a birthday party. No need to spread the yuck germs to anyone else. Nothing like a little kid-puke to wipe your plans away instantly. She did end up getting sick again when I was napping (but made it into the trashcan we had for her); I was napping because while I never threw up and didn’t really feel sick exactly, I also haven’t felt 100% normal, either. (Example: All I could manage for lunch was mandarin oranges.) I’d had to pick up The Little Sis one day earlier this week when she threw up at school and had, let’s say, questionable diapers, though thankfully that was the extent of her sick, so hopefully the same can be said for The Big Sis (and for me).


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