Ear we are again

Yesterday The Big Sis very casually told me that her ear hurt. With most kids, you might brush that off, especially considering she didn’t have any other symptoms of illness, but she’s had more than her fair share of ear infections, so when she tells me that her ear hurts, I believe her and take her to the doctor. She wasn’t in misery, so I had her go to school and I scheduled a doctor’s visit for after school to have her ear checked out. The Pediatrician looked at the right ear and said it looked perfect, then said the left ear, the painful one, was “the opposite of perfect,” and said to her, “I bet that hurts you quite a bit, doesn’t it?”

After a long hiatus from ear infections, she’s now had three since the beginning of school, so I asked at what point we should consider going back to the ENT and discuss tubes. He said they generally hesitate to do tubes for older kids since (in theory) they should outgrow the problem very soon, but once we get to 4-6 in quick succession we probably need to discuss it, so he said that yes, we’re getting close if she has any additional recurrences. It’s been interesting this time around — all three of her ear infections have come in the absence of any other symptoms.

I hope we don’t have to go the direction of tubes once again, but at least we know they’ve been helpful two other times, so if it comes to it, I’m hopeful we can get a reprieve from the constant infections (and antibiotics).


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