Thanks living

As it’s Thanksgiving today, that’s a natural time to be thinking about the things in life for which I am thankful. But I found out something yesterday that makes me take an even closer look at how fortunate I really am.

I received a phone call at dinner yesterday from a former coworker who alerted me to the fact that another former coworker’s house burned down yesterday afternoon and they lost everything. She, her husband, and their adult daughter are all okay, but they did lose two cats who had been rescued but ran back into the blaze. My coworker and her daughter were downstairs (the husband was at the store) and were alerted to flames upstairs by a neighbor who noticed it. A cause hasn’t been officially determined yet, but they suspect it was electrical. The house was a complete loss.

My former coworker had lost her job a month before I did, and she hadn’t found anything yet, and she has a series of minor to moderate medical issues. This is just the very bitter icing on the cake.

Ever since I heard about this, I just cannot get it out of my mind. I had kind of a not-great week of my own, including some job chaos with The Husband (short story: he resigned and starts a new job in a couple of weeks) and drama with my mom (short story: she keeps having falls, isn’t herself at all, and seems to be getting through her days in a painkiller-induced fog), but none of it was even close to this. I can’t help but think about how fortunate I am to have a fantastic husband, two wonderful daughters, good health, and a warm, cozy home. I try my best not to ever take those things for granted, but it’s really been put into focus now.

My thoughts are with my former coworker as they find a way to pick up the pieces and move forward.


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