Wrestling match

You know what The Big Sis is really, really good at?

Thumb wrestling.

Like, for reals. And I don’t even let her win. She wins genuinely on her own.

And I used to be pretty good at thumb wrestling. I mean, I wasn’t winning tournaments or anything (the local thumb wrestling circuit is brutal…), but I could hold my own against, you know, the two or three other people I’ve ever matched up against.

But the girl takes no prisoners. And by that I mean: She beats me within seconds.

We sing the obligatory song:

***Down by the banks of the hanky panky,
Where the bullfrog jumps from bank to bank,
Saying “ees ice ose oos,”
Listen to the ding….

And then wriggles her tiny thumb to the side and then up, then she whaps my thumb down with an emphatic “…DONG!”

And she is declared the Thumb Wrestling Champion of Our Household.

***Note: Your version of the lyrics may differ. I looked online to see if there was a “most correct” version of the song, and I ran across dozens of song versions. This one is mine.


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