Cracker monster

Making dinner with a toddler underfoot isn’t the easiest task to accomplish, but we do what we can to get the job done with the least amount of whining (from either toddler or whoever is making dinner). My general MO is to open up the pantry doors and let her play with the stuff on the lowest shelf (the only one she can reach at the moment) and the stuff we keep on the floor. So if one were to walk into our kitchen during dinner prep time, one might find The Little Sis carrying around something like a box of cake mix, an unopened package of napkins, or a plastic jar of mandarin oranges — you just never know what might catch her attention.

The Husband, however, has turned her into a cracker MONSTER. When it’s his turn to cook, he will get out the saltines and give her one; she takes it and scampers off to eat it, returning mere minutes later begging, “Mah! Mah!” (more). Repeat this anywhere from six to ten times and then voila! Dinner is made! So now she has come to expect this when it’s my turn to cook.

I have to admit: It’s kind of stinkin’ cute when she comes back into the kitchen asking for another cracker. She’s just so eager about it. So sure about what she wants. My little cracker monster. 🙂


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