Goodnight Moon. Again.

When The Big Sis moved out of the stage where we read her simple board books and into the stage where we read her longer books, we put away most of her baby board books, mostly to save them for The Little Sis eventually. It didn’t occur to me then, but I realized recently that those simple board books? Those are the perfect first-reader type books for The Big Sis to read now, so we pulled them out for both girls.

And I thought we were done with such stupid non-favorite books as Goodnight Moon. (Seriously, goodnight bowlful of mush?? Goodnight mittens? And why in the world is there not a single comma when using direct addresses in the book?) But it turns out that these books are right at The Big Sis’ reading level right now.

And so we return to the land of Goodnight Moon, Hop on Pop, and Pat the Bunny.

In a way, it feels like we’ve come full circle with The Big Sis and these books, as we first introduced her to reading with them, and now she’s introducing herself to REAL reading with them. So I don’t mind patting the bunny. And I don’t mind saying goodnight to the moon once again.

Even though, for the record, I think it’s super lame to rhyme “moon” with “moon.”


One Response to Goodnight Moon. Again.

  1. LOL! I have actually refused to read that book on several occasions (Sometimes Jim picks out the books for us to read)!

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