My girly-girl helper

*One of my favorite things that The Little Sis does right now is take her diaper to the garage and put it in the diaper pail. (Well, the wet ones that we’ve wrapped up. I don’t give her the dirty ones. Gotta have some standards.) After I re-diaper her and pull up her pants, she stands up and eagerly takes the diaper in her hands, then makes a beeline for the door to the garage. She also does this when she takes off her shoes and socks…we say, “Where do your shoes go?” and she’ll take them immediately to the place where we keep her shoes. Same thing with putting her clothes in the hamper (most of the time). She’s such a tiny little person.

*As has been well documented, The Little Sis has very little hair. We’ve gradually seen a little growth, but still not that much. But the other day, The Big Sis got out some of her headbands and showed The Little Sis — and boy did she fall in love instantly. She put on not just one but four headbands, all at the same time, grinning real big and offering some repeated hearty laughs, all while bouncing up and down as she walked around the room to show us. It’s like the girl was made for some hair accessories but poor thing just wasn’t born needing them. All in good time, my dear… Patience.


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