Quite contrary

We had a great weekend.

No we didn’t.

Unfortunately some plans we had fell through on Saturday.

No they didn’t.

It was cold but not too cold outside…

No, it wasn’t cold. It was hot.

So I suggested that The Husband take The Big Sis snow tubing at a ski resort about an hour and a half away.

It wasn’t that far. We could walk if we wanted.

So after lunch they packed up and headed north to go snow tubing. I’m told they had so much fun.

It was boring.

And The Big Sis loved it even more than the first time, though that was three years ago and she doesn’t remember that trip.

Yes I do.

Anyway, they had a great time, and The Little Sis and I stayed home and had a lovely time hanging out.

No you didn’t.

She loves to play ball, so we did that a lot.

No, she hates to play ball.

We took the dog for a walk.

She hates walks.

I got a few spontaneous real kisses, complete with puckered lips and a kissing noise.

No, she doesn’t kiss anyone but me like that.

We enjoyed a quiet dinner together.

Nuh-uh. She hates to eat dinner.

And then I got her to bed before doing some light chores while waiting for the others to get home.

We didn’t come home. We got a hotel and spent the night.

They finally got home close to 10 p.m., with The Husband carrying a sleeping and exhausted Big Sis to her bedroom.

I wasn’t asleep. I really wasn’t.

All in all, it was a good day.

It was a BAD day.



And that, my friends, is a typical conversation in the vicinity of The Big Sis these days. She is unbelievably contrary at the moment, disputing every single thing that comes out of your mouth, regardless of the facts of the situation. To say it drives me batty is a major understatement.

For the record, they DID go snow tubing, and they DID have a wonderful time. Our little thrill seeker had a blast, and she’s already asking to go again. Unless I suggest it, of course. Then I’m sure it’s the last thing in the whole world that she wants to do. Or, so she says. I know better.


One Response to Quite contrary

  1. Amy says:

    OMG, this made me laugh so hard! And mostly because I feel your pain. Sean gets like that too, though maybe not quite to that extent. But holy crap, the contradiction sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out!

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