Giggle spray

The other day, The Big Sis was taking her bath, but it wasn’t bath night for The Little Sis, so she wandered in and out of the bathroom while The Big Sis was in the tub. At one point she found the open box of bath toys right in front of the bathtub, and the spray bottle caught her attention. She handed it to The Big Sis, who filled it up with warm water and gave it back to her. (Partners in crime, I tell ya.)

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but wouldn’t you know that she figured out how to pull the trigger of the spray bottle within a few minutes.

And I shouldn’t be surprised, but every single time, she managed to spray it right into my face.

And I really shouldn’t be surprised, but every time she sprayed it in my face, she let out the biggest and best giggles in the world.

Fumble with trigger.


Look up at me.

See my surprised face. (Confession: I exaggerated it sometimes.)

Erupt in giggles.

Second (and third, and forth…) verse, same as the first.

So by the end of it, my face ended up pretty wet, and my shirt was rather damp, but OH it was worth it to get those giggles. She gives them freely even on off days, but there’s something so sweet about it every single time.

Even if it meant water in the eyes every 20 seconds.


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