Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day

I am not a perfect mom.

Right now I feed my oldest daughter chicken nuggets or fish sticks nearly every night because she’ll actually eat it.

I let the kids jump on the bed from time to time.

Sometimes I yell when I know I should just walk away for a moment to compose myself.

I don’t do arts and crafts with my kids. (That’s what daycare/school is for.)
The house might be tidy, but it is almost never spotless.
So while I might not be a perfect mom, I think I’m a good mom. And yes, I realize it’s not the cool or trendy thing to say that. Moms really seem to be all about playing martyr and talking about themselves in a harsh, self-deprecating way. But no way. I refuse to do that to myself. If I don’t pat myself on the back, then who will?

I hug my children and tell them that I love them. Often.

I do my best to pick my battles.

I try to do what’s best for them in the long term.

I make sure we have fun as a family. (Board game night, anyone? Time for a frozen yogurt outing? Or a mini-hike?)

I make reading to them a priority.

We eat dinner together.

We explore a variety of active things to do — but also know when the moment is right to curl up on the couch with a movie.

I do my best to learn from my mistakes.

And I have two wonderful daughters, both of whom are thriving in their respective environments, so surely that indicates I’m doing something right, no? The true test will come when they are adults, of course, but for now, I think the progress report is positive.

I will make mistakes.

I won’t always know the right thing to do.

But I will always love them. Always advocate for them. Always cherish them. Always protect them.

And I hope that one day, they too will get to make their own mistakes as moms and finally understand that while moms aren’t perfect, they are always doing their best.

One Response to Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day

  1. Carrie says:

    Well said! I ditto you on everything 100%! Being a mom is HARD work-the hardest I’ve ever encountered 🙂

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