This ‘n that

I’m so incredibly behind on kid updates from the past couple of months, so I’ll just rattle off what I think of right now:

*The Big Sis (finally!) has her first loose tooth (and her second loose tooth). I don’t think they’re coming out anytime soon (the first one has been loose a couple weeks already), but there’s definitely some wiggle to them. It’s interesting — with nearly all of her (and The Little Sis’) milestones, I haven’t found them to be sad or even bittersweet. I tend to embrace the stage she’s at currently and welcome with open arms the new things to come. But for some reason, the tooth thing is getting to me, and I can’t quite pinpoint why. Maybe it’s because to lose the teeth she had from so early on really seems to be sealing the deal on ushering out babyhood. I don’t know.

*The Big Sis completed her spring MAP reading test and improved her score 9 points from her winter test. With a 186, this puts her at above-average reading level for 1st grade; in fact, she’s just 4 points away from being considered an average 2nd-grade reader. She absolutely loves reading — both being read to and also reading herself — and it’s so amazing to reflect on this school year and think about how far she’s come with just this one skill. But it’s an important one, and like all parents, I hope she continues to nurture this passion and ends up with a lifelong love of reading.

*Over the past month, The Little Sis’ communication has exploded. She has just started to say a few very basic sentences (“Mama, come!” for example), she knows way more words than I can count, and she is at the stage where she will parrot nearly anything you say to her, if you ask her to repeat it.

*The Little Sis has taken to calling The Big Sis “Sissy” now, as well as by her real name. However, she still calls the dog either “dog” or “dog-doh” but won’t repeat his actual name to us yet. (Confession: I’m going to miss the word “dog-doh.”)

*The Little Sis’ #1 current obsession: buckles! She insists on doing the chest clip of her car seat by herself, which was frustrating at first because she took so long to do it (and insisted on no assistance), but now she’s much better at it, so it doesn’t take 15 minutes just to leave the driveway. She also loves fastening the buckles on the booster seat. We can set her to doing that and she’ll seriously keep herself occupied for 15 or 20 minutes.

*I’ve discovered that The Little Sis loves to have her back patted at bedtime. I put her in the crib after stories and songs, and she lies on her side, then twists her arm around and taps her back and says, “One mo’?” I’m guessing they do this to her at daycare for nap, as it’s not something we’ve done with her since she was a few months old. I love indulging her when she insists, though. πŸ™‚

*The Little Sis is really starting to use her manners, offering a polite “thank you” when appropriate. And also sometimes when not appropriate. πŸ™‚

*There is probably nothing The Big Sis would rather do than play outside with her friends on our street. This is both awesome (yay for being active!) and hard to get used to, as it takes away from her time with us. It also leads to many battles, as she still hasn’t accepted that our rule is that she’s not allowed to go play outside after dinner even though apparently everyone else is allowed to (there’s not realistically enough time before bedtime, plus it’s impossible to bring her inside if she goes out again, plus it makes it harder for her to settle her body for bedtime).

*I know kindergarten graduation is rather pointless, as it’s not like they’re graduating to a different school or anything. (I know some people think junior high/middle school graduation is pointless too, but I actually can understand that one, as it’s a big transition to high school and usually involves physically changing schools.) Many schools around here seem to be doing a kindergarten graduation anyway, but ours doesn’t seem to be. I mean, that’s fine, but I just find it a little surprising, I guess. The last day of school is this coming Friday. We’ve almost survived the first year! Just 12 more to go!


2 Responses to This ‘n that

  1. beth says:

    My kids didn’t have Kindergarten or 5th grade graduations, but other schools in the district did. Weird, I guess, I wanted a little pomp and circumstance πŸ™‚

  2. Carrie says:

    OK, you writing about big sis was like reading about my own K1!! Seriously! THe reading, the friends thing, and just overall, my “feelings” on her and yours on your girl πŸ™‚ The whole thing w/not getting time with her and getting into huge battles about playing with friends could be a mirror of our home when we pull into the driveway at night!!!

    so amazing to see/watch them grow into little young adults (oye, how?) LOL The tooth thing gets me big time, and I cannot stand to see her playing with the loose ones. EWWW!
    Little sis is SO sweet! Love that her language is coming. Watch- pretty soon you’ll wonder how it was w/out her talking!? LOL I remember when K2 started- it was a little then BOOM- now she has above average vocab. just like yours will, I know it! πŸ™‚

    So happy to read all about this!

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