Within seconds of birth, a newborn baby uses its voice to produce its first cries. For many months thereafter, these cries become a crucial part of a baby’s communication system, letting others know when the baby is tired, or hungry, or needs to be changed, among many other things. In addition, coos, gurgles, and babble make their way into the baby’s “language,” forming the foundation of what will eventually be real words. At first the words come singly — “ball,” “mama,” drink” — often recognized only by those who spend the most time with the child. But soon those words can be recognized by all, and the child eventually begins stringing words together to form sentences and questions.

“Where doggie go?”

“Mama, sit down here!”

“Help me, Daddy!”

“Play outside!”

And that’s where we’re at right now with The Little Sis. Despite the fact that we already went through this once, it remains quite fascinating that in less than two years, we have gone from instinctive cries straight out of the womb to questions communicating what The Little Sis is thinking and wanting. We have a front-row seat to language development, and it’s an amazing process to witness first-hand, with them making leaps and bounds truly each day at times. It seems like every few days, The Husband and I look at each other and say, “Wow, she had another language explosion,” as she adds more and more words and sentences to her personal dictionary. I am constantly in awe of how quickly it happens.

Just two years ago, she was just a lump of a baby. Now she’s starting to have little toddler pseudo-conversations with us.

I don’t plan to give up my front-row seat anytime soon.
(p.s. Finally updated the blog header. You know, 22 months late!)

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