Baby love

Like many toddlers, The Big Sis certainly had her moments of baby obsession, but The Little Sis has taken that and raised it to the millionth degree. Babies might be her absolute favorite thing in the whole world. It is so much fun to watch her with her baby dolls, rocking them, shushing them, patting them on their backs, feeding them, offering them drinks of her water, and just generally being so loving with them. The other night, she said (unprompted): “I love you, baby” in just the sweetest little voice. Shortly after that, she also was trying to put the pacifier back in the baby doll’s mouth and it fell out, and she said, “I sorry, baby.” She also asked if I wanted to kiss her baby, then removed the pacifier for me so I could kiss her on the lips.

I love my baby, and I love that my baby loves her baby. 🙂

Image Hosted by

(Bad cell phone pic, but you get the idea…)


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