What’s in a name?

There are some strangely named kids out there, generally the product of parents who yearn for their child to be unique and don’t care what lengths they have to go to in order to achieve that. We’ve run across several during our daycare and elementary school years, both odd names and unusual spellings of more normal names.

The Big Sis and I were at lunch recently, and I was asking her about her first week of school, her teacher, her new friends, etc. I must have zoned out a bit when I caught her saying, “…and Twilight’s brother…” Wait, huh? Hold on there, child. Twilight? I did the math, and it was possible that someone who read the Twilight series of books liked it so much they named their son (daughter?) Twilight. I began to cringe for this poor kid, but I had to remain neutral to The Big Sis; I couldn’t let her know that I thought this kid’s name was completely stupid. Not really the professional thing to do.

I tried to just let it go, but it got to me enough that I finally said, “So, wait…Twilight. Is that the name of a kid in your class?”

“No,” The Big Sis said with a sigh. “Twilight Sparkle. From My Little Pony?”
OHHHHHH! Twilight Sparkle! From My Little Pony!!

I was incredibly relieved, to say the least.

But look out. You know there IS some poor kid out there who is named Twilight. You just know it.


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