What about the other one?

The Little Sis is just the sweetest little thing, and I am fond of telling people that. “She’s made of sunshine and rose petals,” I’ll say. “She’s made of gumdrops and vanilla lattes.” “She’s made of unicorns and pixie dust.”

But seriously, she’s just the best little 2-year-old ever. She’s entered Parrot Mode, where nearly anything someone says or does is fair game for her to repeat, making it hilarious when she says things like, “Move it, buddy” with her innocent, angelic voice after I’ve just said the same thing to The Dog. Of course, that also means it’s not quite as hilarious when she tries to jump off the couch like The Big Sis (who is NOT supposed to be doing that in the first place).


She’s talking up a storm — she doesn’t seem to have the “second child talks late” thing going on, as she seems right on par compared to where The Big Sis was at that age (which we can tell by watching old YouTube videos of big sis) — and it’s so much fun. She’s all about noticing patterns and narrating everyday life, which makes sense, since that’s exactly what we do with her. “Mommy take stuff to car? Right back?” Or before dinner: “Go wash hands…then eat dinner.” Or when getting dressed: “Put sock on. Go get shoes. Put shoes on. Get jacket.”


She counts accurately from one to 11. She sings her ABCs very well. She knows her colors with accuracy. She knows her shapes — including the octagon, so every time we pass a stop sign, she yells out, “Daddy! Ock-a-gon! Right there!” I’m almost certain I didn’t know what an octagon was when I was 2.


The Little Sis loves reading books. She has her favorites, usually an animal or word picture book that she likes us to quiz her on. (She also likes to tell us the color square behind each animal/object.) Her other current favorite is a potty book, which she now calls the “i-cream book” because there’s a page toward the end that depicts a family enjoying an ice cream outing on a park bench after potty success. Naturally that’s the ice cream book.


Speaking of the potty, The Little Sis has taken some steps forward in that arena, though we’re still taking a mostly laid-back approach to it at this point and will continue to do that until she has regular success on her own. Right now we offer her plenty of opportunities to use the potty, or we allow her to give it a try if she asks to go, and sometimes she is productive, and sometimes not. We get excited with her successes, and we congratulate her on trying when nothing happens.

She is still very much obsessed with babies and is naturally drawn to them when they are nearby. She just looks at them and you can see the love in her eyes. She starts to smile — small at first, then bigger — and leans in for a hug. She’s adorably sweet with them.

The Little Sis still has a very clear preference for me, which is both super awesome and semi-frustrating (at times), but mostly super awesome. 😉 There’s nothing like seeing her when she comes home from daycare and having her exclaim, “MOMMY!!!!” as she runs over to me for a huge hug.

Two is such a fun age!


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