Making the grade

It’s report card time! Well, sort of. Grades K-2 don’t get actual letter grades, but they are assessed on a scale of 1 to 4 in 42 different areas:

1 – Not yet within expectations
2 – Progressing with help
3 – Meets expectations
4 – Exceeds expectations

Last year, The Big Sis did well on her report cards, but I think her teacher was pretty stingy with handing out 4s last year, and thus she didn’t get very many. (Example: One category was “Can count from 1 to 20,” and she only got a 3 [meets expectations] even though she could count much higher. Isn’t that exceeding expectations?)

Anyway, I haven’t gotten a sense of whether this year’s teacher is easy or strict with the assessments, but The Big Sis came home with 4s in all 42 areas.

The teacher’s comment for the 1st-quarter report: “[The Big Sis] is a pleasure to have in class. She stays on task and is exceeding expectations in all subject areas. She is becoming a strong independent learner and sets goals that will help her continue to be successful.”

Now, there may very well be other kids in the class with identical assessments and comments, but given how it’s often challenging to manage The Big Sis at times, this is such great news. Good things are in store for this one.


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