Current favorites

Favorite book:
The Big Sis: The Smurfs comic series
The Little Sis: “You Can Go to the Potty” or “Kim and Carrots” from Babybug

Favorite dinner:
The Big Sis: homemade vegetable soup and grilled cheese
The Little Sis: spaghetti

Favorite breakfast food:
The Big Sis: blueberry bagel with butter
The Little Sis: toast with butter

Favorite color:
The Big Sis: pink
The Little Sis: the first color that comes to mind

Favorite thing to do:
The Big Sis: play with her friends; read
The Little Sis: play with her mommy; put on other people’s shoes

Favorite special treat:
The Big Sis: Suckers
The Little Sis: ice cream

Favorite TV show:
The Big Sis: My Little Pony
The Little Sis: My Little Pony, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Favorite stuffed animal:
The Big Sis: A little bunny rabbit
The Little Sis: A big stuffed golden retriever


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