I sit here as my two girls are joined by their two cousins in a sleepover at our house. There was a Christmas movie and popcorn and laughter and now they’re settling into bed, no doubt staying up late talking in the dark. The Cousins live 12 hours from here, so at best we see them once every year or two. (Though this year it was a little more often because they came when my mom was sick, and also for her memorial service, plus we made the drive to their house for our vacation this year.) Anyway, my sister and her husband are (understandably) enjoying a night out at the movies since they are free of children for 15 hours or so. I am happy for them, but I am a little sad for us…

Sure, they agreed to keep The Big Sis with them for a sleepover tomorrow night (much appreciated!), however we’ll still have The Little Sis with us and can’t go out ourselves. :-/ We don’t have an abundance of babysitters in the first place, but have even fewer FREE sitters available, and certainly none we could ask pretty last-minute to stay with The Little Sis on Thanksgiving night while we go out. We can’t really go out earlier in the evening tomorrow (when my sister might be able to watch The Little Sis too…if The Little Sis would even let me out of her sight, as I couldn’t get much more than a foot away from her today without her freaking out) because we have our Thanksgiving dinner planned for approximately regular dinner time, so the timing just wouldn’t work before The Little Sis would have to go to bed. They are leaving on Saturday morning, so Friday night isn’t an option.

The Father-in-Law made a comment to the effect that he’d like the girls (both of them!) to visit him over the summer in Connecticut, which would be terrific and we’ll try to work out. But the logistics of driving up there at least 9 or 10 hours — twice (once to drop off, and once to pick up) — makes the whole thing seem so daunting. We’ve done it before with just The Big Sis, but it wasn’t easy by any means.

I’ve lost track of how many times I wish we had family we could call — even last-minute — and say, “Hey, this came up and we’d love to do it — can you watch the kids?” However, this is not a luxury we have. :-/


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