Fizzled fo-shizzle

Well, I fizzled at the end of Noblopomo, as my sister and her family were in town, but we were at my dad’s house basically the whole time, so not much downtime at home. Oh well — I did pretty well during the month, especially since the blog has taken a lower priority over the past year or so.

Some random thoughts and tidbits:

*We’re still not in what I would consider an active potty training stage with The Little Sis, but she took a huge leap forward over the weekend, staying dry all day on Saturday and Sunday and wearing training undies for most of that time. We’re considering sending some extra undies and extra clothes to daycare tomorrow to see how it goes there. I find it hard to believe that she’d be potty trained THAT easily, but I think it’s probably worth taking a chance.

*My apologies if this offends anyone, but it’s frustrating when people travel with their dogs, then it creates a problem for others. My sister and her family drove 11 hours with their 1-year-old (read: full of energy) German shepherd. I will say that he IS a good dog — and will be even better when he chills out in a few years. However, The Little Sis happens to be going through a stage where she’s scared of big dogs getting in her face (despite being fine with our golden at home), so needless to say, it was quite stressful when the dog would come her way (or heck, even look at her), and she’d completely freak out. On a good day she wants to be near me all the time, so she was super clingy to me when the dog was around — not so great when I’m trying to make a big meal in the kitchen. In fairness, they did send the dog outside a lot of the time when she was screaming, but they couldn’t keep him out all the time, so it was incredibly stressful for both her and me. All I could think is that I could’ve enjoyed the weekend so much more if they had just left the dog at home.

*We have a seasonal outdoor ice skating rink in a downtown park, and yesterday I got brave enough to take The Big Sis ice skating, just the two of us. I hadn’t been skating in at least 15 years (maybe longer) and she hadn’t ever been, so I wasn’t sure how it was go, but it was GREAT! Yes, she fell down a lot, but she got right back up and was actually a natural. At times, she was going so fast and pulling ME around! I only fell once in our 90 minutes on the ice, though that one wasn’t so great because I ended up falling on top of The Big Sis, which got her crying and we had to sit out so she could calm down. But aside from that one incident, it was SUCH a great time together, and she wants to go again soon with The Husband.


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