This ‘n’ that

I found out that our dollar movie theater was playing The Wizard of Oz this past weekend, so I offered to take The Big Sis to see it. I gave her two choices: We could get popcorn and candy and call that dinner (the movie was at 5 p.m.), or we could get something small at the movie and grab a quick dinner after the movie. I thought for sure she’d go for the popcorn and candy option, but she did not. As she told me, “Because popcorn just isn’t a very healthy choice for dinner.” What the heck, kid?! I mean, yay for her! But what the heck?


The Big Sis lost her third tooth last night, her top right central incisor. This one has been very wiggly for weeks, and despite trying to pull with string on two different occasions, she had no real luck with it until last night. She’d tried for a good 45 minutes before bed but we eventually had to give up. Around 9:45 p.m., she called out for me, and I went in and she said she was pretty sure it was almost out. I let her get up, and within a couple of pulls, she finally had it out!

I was sort of sad at her first two teeth being gone since it changed her look so much, but this one hasn’t bothered me for some reason.

Her top left central incisor is also wiggly, though I don’t think that one is coming out for a while. All she wants for Christmas (at the moment) is just one of her front teeth.


The next time I get the idea to make Chex Mix and Christmas cookies, please — someone stop me!


A couple weeks ago, The Big Sis read a story in school about Sarah Hale, who led a letter-writing campaign to get Thanksgiving recognized as an official holiday. For one question, she had to answer, “Who was the hero of Thanksgiving?” Her answer: “Sarah Hale was a Thanksgiving hore.” Cracked me up.

Also, she had to answer which president made Thanksgiving a national holiday. Her answer: “aper hand linkens” (translation: Abraham Lincoln)


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