Tuesday tidbits

I sat down to look at my photos on the computer so I could find a good one for Wordless Wednesday. And then I realized it wasn’t Wednesday. So wait, it’s only Tuesday?! Ugh!


*The Little Sis is probably more princess-obsessed than The Big Sis. Send chicken soup and casseroles, please.

*I thought The Big Sis was sort of easing out of her princess obsession — until the movie Frozen came along. She has been hit with the bug badly. For as long as I can remember, her favorite color has been pink. But yesterday she told me that her favorite colors are now white and blue. “Because of Frozen?” I asked. A little embarrassed, she admitted that was why.

*I think there should be more evening entertainment options for people who don’t want to go out to bars/clubs. The Husband and I enjoyed a late-dinner date night this past weekend, as it’s easiest if we can get The Little Sis to bed before we go out, so the earliest we can leave the house is 8 or 8:15 p.m. By the time we finished with dinner, it was 9:30 p.m., and we weren’t close to any movie theaters to catch a late showing. The original plan had been to find a venue to watch a band play, which sounded good beforehand, but The Husband and I just generally aren’t “go-to-a-club-to-see-a-band-we-don’t-know-play” kind of people, so we decided to go get ice cream. An ice cream shop is much more our speed. But…then what? It was still just 10:30, and we didn’t want to waste the use of a sitter, but we ran out of things to do that didn’t involve drinking or eating. Not sure what the solution is there, though our solution that night was to go to Walmart and wander around a bit. I did find some new sunglasses, so it wasn’t a completely lame and pointless trip, at least!

*Warning: Potty talk in this tidbit. The Little Sis has been practicing using the potty for  a while, but she wasn’t making much forward progress, so we decided to take the plunge and switch to undies to see if that did anything. This is not how we did it with The Big Sis (who basically trained herself, and we switched to undies and she never had any accidents), but it’s what felt right this time. The problem? She was a poop-hider, meaning it was almost impossible to catch her before she pooped in her undies. (Which, I must say, kudos to The Husband for taking care of the many undies cleanups.) I’d watch her like a hawk for the entire time we were home in the evenings, then in the 15 seconds I’d turn my back to get her toothbrush ready, she’d poop in her undies. So frustrating! I don’t want to jinx it, but I think we might have finally turned the corner this past weekend and she’s actually pooping in the potty instead of in her undies, and her wet accidents are almost nonexistent. The only diapers I’m buying are the ones for her to wear at night (she’s definitely not ready to switch to undies at night), so fingers crossed that continues.


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