The acquisition of memories

I was watching “Downton Abbey” a few months ago and I took note of this quote from Mr. Carson:

“The business of life is the acquisition of memories; in the end that’s all there is.”

I sat and pondered that for a few minutes, and the more I thought about it, the more I really liked it. Isn’t that what we try to do in life — experience things, see new places, spend time with friends and family, all in the name of having fun and making memories?

I think that’s why it’s a little frustrating that I’m unable to keep up the blog as much as I want to lately. I’m doing my best to make memories with my family — and I think I’m doing a good job — but the fact remains that the human memory fails us over time. What once was at the forefront of the mind gradually takes a backseat…then slowly becomes less fresh and vivid until it’s but an echoed whisper from a life lived long ago. So over the past several years, I’ve come to rely on my blog as backup storage, if you will, to my fallible human memory hard drive. Without that backup, stories that were once notable or cherished sometimes vanish without notice.

Thus, the printed word is the remedy to that ailment. But, how to solve the problem of such limited time? I’m not quite sure about that one. Everyone is busy — it’s not something unique to me, of course, and everyone has to find a way to juggle their priorities. I used to make blog posts quite regularly in the past, though in fairness, I would work on those posts during my downtime at work, and I simply don’t have that downtime anymore at my current job. (Most days I don’t even have the time to take a lunch break. Such is life on a daily newspaper deadline.) But the bottom line is that I need to figure out a way to make it happen, since recording our families stories, milestones, and achievements is something I find important. I’m doing a good job of acquiring the memories — going to the zoo, going out for ice cream, playing board games, planting flowers, and more — but what good are the memories if I don’t retain them?


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