Boo, hiss!

Given the fact that she’s 7 and knows everything in the whole entire world, The Big Sis’s currently preferred response to nearly anything I say to her is, “UGH!” Sometimes accompanied by a grand eye roll, the “ugh” indicates her displeasure with something I’ve asked her to do beyond whatever she is currently doing.

The Little Sis, recently going through an award-winning parroting phase, took on this not-so-charming response for herself at first, but now she has developed her own noise to show her displeasure about something: she hisses.

Like a cat.

I didn’t really make the connection at first, but then she did it the other day and I realized what she was doing. After being hissed at by a couple of (normally friendly) cats recently, The Little Sis has channeled those felines and made it her own.

To make sure I was hearing her right, the next time she did it, I asked her, “Did you just hiss at me like a cat?” She put on a faux grumpy face, wrinkling her brow and pouting her lips, then a smile slowly crept across her mouth to indicate just how pleased she was with herself.

“Yeah,” she said.

At least I don’t have to maintain a litter box for her?


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