Just dance

For a variety of reasons, I’ve previously hesitated to enroll The Big Sis in any extracurricular activities that involved more than a two-month (or so) commitment and/or ones that involved rehearsals or practices on weeknights. However, I reconsidered this year and signed her up for a 22-week jazz and hip hop dance class on Tuesday nights through our Parks and Recreation department. At the same time, we decided to sign up The Little Sis for a preschool tumbling class on Thursday nights — her first-ever organized activity (aside from a parent-baby swim class when she was 11 months old).

Classes began last week, and hopefully they go better in coming weeks than they did in the first week! The Big Sis’s dance class itself was fine, but unfortunately The Husband got into an accident when he was less than a block away from the community center, so that put a damper on things.

Then on Thursday, The Little Sis ended up crying and sitting in my lap in the corner the whole time (even though I wasn’t even supposed to be in the room) and wouldn’t entertain the idea of joining the other kids in her tumbling class. We’ll continue to talk with her about it in the coming week, though as of right now she says she’ll be brave and do what the other kids are doing next week.

It just about tore my heart out, though, when she told me that night at bedtime, in a tiny voice, “I sorry I didn’t do my class today.” :-/ I told her it was okay, and she knew what to expect now, and we’d give it another try next week.

So here’s hoping next week goes better than this week did.


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