Tumbling nonstarter

Well, unfortunately the tumbling class for The Little Sis didn’t work out so well. The first class was a flop, and the second week didn’t go well either with The Husband trying to take her. We thought about it, and I really wrestled with the idea of whether to quit.

For one thing, I just don’t like to quit things, but I know that’s my own personal thing. But also I don’t want to set up a scenario early on where she quits things in the future before truly giving them a fair try. However, it came down to the fact that she’s just 3 — and a young 3 at that — and I just don’t think she’s ready for a class where the parents aren’t visible. (Side note: I sort of think it’s ridiculous to have a class include 3-year-olds but exclude parents.) So we decided to quit and apply for a (partial) refund, and we’ll give it another year or two and maybe try again then.

The good news is that after three classes, The Big Sis still likes her jazz/hip hop class quite a bit, so I’m glad we chose that for her.


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