Got initiative?

I mentioned before about The Big Sis’s maturity level growing recently, and I’ve certainly seen that illustrated in many aspects of her school work lately.

She told us earlier this week that her class had free choice during math time — they could do math activities on the iPad or computer, or they could play math-related games with their friends, for example. As we were talking, the Big Sis pulled out her take-home folder and showed me the math worksheet she did during that time. I said, “So that was one of your choices?” She eagerly told me, “No, I had to go to [The Teacher] and ask for a math worksheet.” She’s always been strong in math, but if you’d told me that a math worksheet had been one of the options, I would not have put money on her picking that one.

Then, The Husband told me recently that when he was reading to her at night, she went to get paper and a pencil so she could TAKE NOTES about what he was reading. Just decided on her own that it was something she wanted to do. A year ago, I never would have thought she’d do something like that. When I asked her why she did it, she answered simply, “I just wanted to!”

Then she came home from her after-school program saying she had homework. I was a bit dubious, as they’ve never had homework there, but I played along anyway. “Oh, what kind of homework do you have?” She said she had to make two lists outlining ways that her and another friend could improve when playing volleyball together. It still seemed odd to me that she’d be assigned homework there, but further pressing revealed that it wasn’t actually assigned homework from her group leader. Instead, she had assigned it to herself. (And my favorite item on the list for how she could improve with playing volleyball: “Don’t be so bossy.” And the best item on the list for how her friend could improve: “Don’t hold the ball and keep it from others.”)


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