Insert clever post here!

Well, I made it to Day 12 of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) before having trouble thinking of a post topic. Actually, the issue isn’t usually writer’s block, but a lack of prioritizing time for writing. I almost said “no time for writing,” but that always feels like a lame cop-out excuse to say that. If I put a higher priority on it, there would be time for it — though, of course, that’s always at the expense of something else. But lately I haven’t prioritized it like I want; instead, I’ve been prioritizing things like reading, exercise, and, yes, sometimes a half-hour of mindless TV before bed. To create more time for writing (and other activities) means sacrificing those other things, which I just haven’t done lately.

So this is going to serve as my post tonight, and then I’m going to watch a TV show and then finish a book before bed. And I’m not going to feel a bit bad about a lame post. 🙂


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