Reinventing games

At dinner the other night, The Big Sis told us that she and her friends were playing Truth or Dare at lunch. As a parent, hearing “Truth or Dare” automatically triggers red flags, though I figured it was pretty innocent considering it was taking place in the school cafeteria. My curiosity piqued, I asked her for some examples of what they did. Before sharing that, she proudly declared, “I always pick dare!”

I’ll just say that I am not surprised by that.

Anyway, she said that one she had to do was to dip her tortilla chip into her cheese sauce, then put some applesauce on it before eating it. Okay, that sounds innocuous enough.

Then she said, “Do you know how we know whose turn it is?”

No, but I was certainly curious.

She said, “We take [my friend’s] empty Capri Sun and spin it around, and wherever the straw points, that’s whose turn it is.”

I was amused and horrified and impressed all at once.

But mostly amused, to be honest. All I could think was, “Oh my! They just ‘invented’ the 2nd grade version of spin the bottle!”

I’ve gotta keep an eye on this one!


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