Seeing double

As a parent, I can now understand why my own parents very often got my sister and I some of the exact same things for Christmas — less fighting over stuff. We hated it at the time, as we were always interested in the other person’s presents, but that’s the approach Mom and Dad took.

The Big Sis and The Little Sis are hyperaware of each other’s belongings these days, so my MO for Christmas shopping this year is to buy them the same thing (where possible). Frozen t-shirt? Grab one in each size. Plush doll? One of the same for each of them. Pajamas? Two penguin sets, please! Sheets? Each will get a set to match their rooms. The big Santa gifts won’t be the same, but wherever possible I plan to double up.


And thus ends NaBloPoMo. I did pretty well, missing just one day, I believe. And, I know I’ve said this every year lately, but hopefully doing this will inspire me to continue posting on a more frequent basis. Gone are the days of new posts 6 days a week, but hopefully I can manage better than a new post every couple of weeks as I’d done lately.


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