Stage kids

The Big Sis had her holiday dance show on the first Saturday of December, with each of the dance classes performing one song. For some reason, most of the classes did holiday/winter-related songs, but her teacher ended up choosing non-holiday songs for her classes. The Big Sis’s class did “Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz.

Beforehand, she was so incredibly nervous that I had to promise her either ice skating downtown (at an outdoor rink) or pottery-painting (if bad weather) to give her something to look forward to afterward. Despite the nerves, she did a great job and was definitely proud of herself. The weather was rainy, so we spent the afternoon painting pottery and had fun together.

Unfortunately, The Big Sis’s school axed its music program, so there was no winter music performance this year.

The Little Sis’s daycare had its winter showcase last week, and her class was doing “Frosty the Snowman.” I thought that was an ambitious choice for three-year-olds, but they really were impressive, I thought. The Little Sis didn’t sing the words the whole time (though I know she knew them all), but she did keep up with the hand motions and such throughout. She had been slightly nervous beforehand — but mostly because she was afraid we’d leave the venue without her! We gave her our assurances that she wouldn’t be abandoned, and all was well.

Next up will be The Big Sis’s main dance recital in May.


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