Spring conference

We had The Big Sis’s spring conference at school on Thursday, and this one is structured a little differently than the others. For this one, it’s a student-led conference rather than a teacher-led meeting, so The Big Sis was in charge of telling us what and how she’s doing in school, and we also received her third-quarter report card. The Teacher did comment that The Big Sis is one of her best students, and she’s great at making effective use of any down time in the classroom because she grabs a book and reads so as not to disturb the other kids who might still be working.

This was The Teacher’s comment in her report card this quarter: “[The Big Sis] puts her best effort into all the assignments. She stays on task with little supervision. She is a self-motivated student. She is a joy to have in class.”

As part of the conference, The Big Sis got to share with us a piece of her writing, and I couldn’t believe how long and complex it was! We only had time for her to tell us about the characters and plot, but I can’t wait until it comes home and we can read the actual piece. She seemed so excited by it, though a little shy and nervous to share it with us. The Teacher didn’t say this to us, but I would definitely say one of her school weaknesses is a lack of confidence in herself even though she performs well, so we’ve certainly got to figure out how to boost that so she can more clearly see the skills and talent she has.


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