Empty nest but full hearts

This year we had a robin build a nest on top of one of the columns of our back porch, so we were eager to see if we ended up with a batch of baby birds. MamaBird kept coming back to the nest quite often, so we were pretty sure there would be some little ones on the way. Sure enough, in early May, we heard little cheeps and soon discovered that we were hosting four baby birds. All of us really enjoyed checking on them and watching MamaBird come feed them, though I will admit it was a little sad when the baby birds started leaving the nest as fledglings. The Little Sis in particular was disappointed when they started off on their own.

I’m sure we’re in for quite a hit when our own baby birds leave our nest down the road.

Feed us!

The first baby to leave the nest:

The third bird to leave the nest. This was taken just seconds before it took off in flight:


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