Role reversal

After all the bedtime books have been read and the water bottled has been filled and the final potty break has been taken, The Little Sis gets five minutes of talking time with me, where we generally share additional details about our days with each other, or ask fun questions.
But her favorite thing to do during that five minutes (that often turns into 10 or 15 minutes…oops) is to play “Mommy/Baby,” a role-reversal game where she gets to be the mommy and I get to be the baby, and we play a wide range of scenarios. It’s such a great exercise for her to step into my shoes to experience the power of being a mom and making decisions, and to hopefully see things from my point of view from time to time. It’s also interesting to me because I can see our own parenting methods mirrored right back at me, and it’s a good chance to take a step back and see maybe what is and isn’t working. I also have a chance to see exactly what lessons she’s understanding and were we may need to make a few tweaks.

So many moments from our role-playing end up cracking me up. One time she pretended to take me to the zoo, but she told me that I had to stay in the car and I couldn’t go inside. I did ask if she’d buy me a (real) lion, and she totally agreed! She also regularly buys me tigers and penguins at the zoo.

Another time more recently, she told me she was going to have to go to the grown-up playground (not sure what that is, but sign me up!) and would have to leave me at home. I said, “Mommy, I don’t want you to go. I’m scared to be by myself.” She looked at me seriously, cradled my face with her hands, and said, “Baby, you won’t be alone.” She paused. “The doggy will be here with you.”

I promise I don’t abandon my children in parking lots and/or make the dog babysit the kids!


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