After having surgery to add a plate and four screws to my ankle on Aug. 18, I had my six-week follow-up yesterday. The doctor said it’s not completely healed yet, but he thinks there’s enough healing that I can start bearing weight on it again (in the boot still), which is a definitely step in the right direction. So far that’s been a little more challenging than I anticipated, as my incision burns and hurts from rubbing on the boot as I take steps, but hopefully that’ll become desensitized soon enough.

I also was cleared to return to physical therapy, so I’ve got an appointment tomorrow with my PT for another baseline assessment and we’ll get started with exercises to help me gain back my range of motion, strength, flexibility, and balance. At this point it feels a little daunting, but I know it’ll get better as I work on it each day and with each PT session.

I return on Nov. 11 for my next follow-up with x-ray to see how the healing is going. I’m not going to get my hopes up given how long this has dragged out, but maybe there’s the chance I’ll have to hunt down all of my left shoes sometime in mid-November…


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